Thursday, March 19, 2015


I always love of this kind of ambience, calm and clement. Found this natural spring after walking through the forest. It was located in the middle of Tembeling forest, it took about 45 minutes walking. Quite tiring but the sceneries we got were absolutely worth it. The natural springs were separated by gender, so I was literally alone sitting there. Having a moment of solitude in the middle of nowhere, wuuu. The spring was directly facing the ocean. The sound of waves, wind, water, and forest collided into a beautiful harmony. The feeling was remarkable I couldn't forget how magical it was. 

A 5 minutes walk from the natural spring, I entered such a cave and dazzled by this piece of art He made.

The pellucid waters between dense forest and blue ocean. 
The time seemed to slow down reaching the point of clarity.

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