Sunday, January 18, 2015


In the middle of searching journals for my final essay about colorectal knowledge. It was bored and stressful. Then I found these, surprised because this is so unlikely written in a scientific journal, and thankful because I was reminded again. 

"With God, all things are possible. You see, I know people have reason to feel the way they feel, people have a reason that they believe the things that they believe, but it’s amazing what a positive attitude will do. Ninety percent of success is attitude. Attitude is so important, and if you’ve got a positive one, it’s so much better. I mean, the body will heal itself of just about most things, not all things, but most things. But it’s your attitude that you take. Attitude is extremely important, and people don’t seem to understand that. We’re not born with fear, fear is something we develop, it’s not something you born with. You’re born with power and with love and a sound mind. Fear is something that is developed. It’s important to me because I had a triple bypass, and I hadn’t had nobody cut me down to the bone or nothing, so I just left it up to the doctor, because I know he was God’s instrument. And I didn’t fear it at all, because I didn’t even know what a triple bypass was. So, as long as you live, and then there’s always that higher priority . . . Miracles can happen, they’ll think of some kind of way. A person would have to get in a good spiritual state of mind and to become above them. Cancer is something that you have to walk above." Selected Focus Group Quotes Illustrating Major Data Themes ; All quotes are verbatim statements with identifiers altered. 

- Knowledge and Perceptions of Colorectal Cancer Screening Among Urban African Americans, K. Allen Greiner, MD, MPH.


  1. Wow that's a big fat piece of advice!!! Lol. Btw, Paulaaaaa I'm back to this blog sphere!! ;)

  2. waaah Mba Ayi welcome back! minggu lalu aku ke Bogor lhoooh mba :')